About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am Mary Eva McClure and I am a Junior at Creighton University. I am a computer science major, cognitive and behavioral neuropsychology minor on the pre-pharmacy track. I will be taking the PCAT (Pharmacy school entrance exam) in August.

I know that to the majority people think a computer science major makes no sense if I am planning on going to Pharmacy school, so let me explain…

In a hospital, the pharmacy has pill dispensing systems that count out the pills for the nurses and the pharmacists because human errors have a higher occurrence than computer errors. I want to make sure the that these systems work correctly so that the patients get the correct dose of a drug.

Summer 2017, I have an amazing opportunity to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland where I will learn the history and culture of the Irish. I am really excited for this new adventure because I have never been out the United States, nor have I ever experienced a different culture other than my own.