The End is Near

When I began this class in January, I did not really understand the importance of social media and how it is an integral part of our society. Life would be so different if social media was not around. I know that I connect with many people through social media. Just recently, my sister-in-law found me on Facebook and contacted me using Facebook messenger. Without Facebook, I would have never met half of my family.IMG_0207.jpg

Throughout this class, I have learned the importance to use social media platforms to boost yourself and to always post positively. I really liked the blog posts because I was able to learn the reasons for why social media exists and I could express my own thoughts and feelings about it. I also enjoyed writing the reflections on the book, “Tell Everyone”, and figuring out what my sentence was. These two assignments were able to help me understand my views on not only social media but my life in general.

I appreciated the group discussions about the things that were happening on social media during our class. I liked expressing opinions on that. It made class more engaging and made the class more interesting because I could hear other people’s opinions.

I really enjoyed the social media analysis. I felt like I was apart of the real world and I felt slightly important. It made me feel accomplished when I completed my final project and presented it in front of the class, knowing that I worked so hard on it.

One thing that I think could be improved would to make sure that all of us understand the assignment fully so that we can get all we can out of the class. Also, I know everyone loves to get out of class early, but you could use the extra time and really explain all the material. I did not realize how important the first few weeks are in the class. This class builds on each other and I think the assignments help us with that. I just wish there was more explaining on the assignments.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class and feel that I got a lot out of it. This class not only taught me about social media, but it also taught me about my ethics and values when it comes to communication with people. People have feelings and not everyone feels the same way. We have to understand that to be better on social media and for daily functioning, and I think this class helped us on this path called communication.


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