Nebraska Humane Society

Elizabeth Hilpipre is the development and communications specialist at the Nebraska Humane Society. She talked about how she uses social media to promote the shelter and how she keeps up with new news. I really like the stories that were told. All the stories that are posted are normally very heartwarming. The one about the sheep with the Christmas sweater was super cute and the social media was helpful in finding its home. She keeps track of the next big thing by just being active within the community and all social media platforms. I think the biggest thing I learned from Elizabeth Hilpipre was that being personable within the social media platforms is a great way to get more publicity.32144086123_b0ff82a971_o.jpg

At the Nebraska Humane Society, they use multiple social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All the platforms contain many pictures and stories of the animals that reside at the shelter, but all the social media sites have their own agendas. On Facebook, I can tell that they emphasize on the stories of the animals and how they are today. The Nebraska Humane Society interacts with the comments and posts that are sent from potential families that will adopt their pets. On Facebook, there is also a part of their page where you can donate to the animal shelter. The social media page also post lots of cute pictures and informs adopters on events that are going on within the shelter. Their Twitter page is a little more of a place that informs the potential customers on new additions to the family. They post multiple time per day of mostly the pets in the shelter. Also, on Twitter, they retweet from KETV NewsWatch 7, where they receive publicly that shows the good nature of the pets at their shelter. They also post about heartwarming stories such as the Arizona dog that was found in Nebraska due to a microchip and was able to send the dog back to his family. On Instagram, they mainly just showcase their animals. They use it to get their animals out in the eyes of society so that maybe one family will fall in love and adopt. The Nebraska Humane Society uses Snapchat to show the adoptable pets in their shelter. They also used it to promote a camp to get more involvement and it increase the applications submitted. Overall, the Nebraska Humane Society are able to pull on animal lover’s heartstrings. All the social media they post makes me want to go and adopt today. That is the point of their social media. The have a good amount of followers on all their different types of social media due to them interacting, the cute pictures and just the good nature of the idea of saving animals and giving them a good home.


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