Unapologetically Me!

Everyone has moments in their lives when they second guess their faith and themselves, but what I did not realize is that I would go through this journey of self through a book. The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce by Judith S. Wallerstein, Julia M. Lewis and Sandra Blakeslee spoke to me in so many ways that even I still cannot comprehend. I never thought a book would be able to understand my feelings, thoughts and emotions. Not only was I able to reflect clearly on the thoughts that infect my brain daily, I was able to think about the feelings and emotions of the people close to me, why they do what they do.

Events happen in our lives that throw us off course, but we must keep going. Those “events” do not define us. Those “events” only make us stronger. Think of it as a challenge. A challenge that must be overcome through confidence and resilience. Be unapologetically you! What I mean by that is let people shape you but don’t lose yourself in that process. People come and go in our lives and it is okay. Not everyone you meet is meant to be there forever. They are in your lives right now to teach us a lesson. That will help you find who you are.

16463685_1214375575283327_3717520291502011560_o.jpgCherish every memory you have with everyone. Look in-between the lines. Sometimes the lessons are not always clear at that moment, but I promise there is always one. Individual’s that you meet should help shape you, but not define you. This road to success should not be traveled alone, you need love ones to help you on your way.

Reading this book got me to appreciate my life even more than I already do. I have a mom that supports me in everything I do and I can call her at any time and I know she will answer. I go to the most amazing school, Creighton University, that has brought so much faith into my life. I get to go to a school that teaches me not only in the classroom but also teaches me that I am not alone. My spiritual journey has been motivated by my school and the people that surround me and I would not change that for the world.

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce is one of the most interesting reads. I have learned so much, not just about me, but about family interactions. I have attached my reflections on this book in this post. I hope you enjoy it and that maybe it speaks to you enough that you might want to read the book yourself: unexpected-legacy-of-divorce-reflections


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