Just One Post

When I was going through the Best Brands on Instagram, one jumped out at me…the Paris Opera Ballet (Ballet de l’Opera de Paris). Ever since I was a child, I had always wanted to be a ballerina. I was always fascinated with how people can leap through the air while making it look seamlessly and how ballerinas can have gorgeous facial expressions while on pointe (that would hurt). The dedication and hard work these people put into to their craft are inspiring and they must have so much passion for dancing. I think this brand is effective because not only do they emphasize the dancers in their company, they also show the venue and get their followers pumped for their performances. Instagram is not only about sharing pictures with people, it is about getting a reaction out of them. It is about making someone to make a change, to take action and to make a difference in the time we have in this world. I can learn a lot from this Instagram. I learned that serenity can be shown through pictures. For example, the Paris Opera Ballet showed a picture of the theater with no one in it. The picture gives anticipation for the show that was going to be performed that night. Serenity is a strong tool.

IMG_0246.JPGMany people go by the saying, “actions speak louder than words.” I believe Neverthirst shows that through their Instagram. Neverthirst is a non-profit that provides water solutions for countries that have a need for clean water. Their Instagram is very powerful because some of the pictures show a comparison of clean and dirty water. When I look at those pictures the thing that goes through my head is, which water would I want to drink? I know I would want to drink the one that is clear not the one that is dirty that could make me sick. The intention of showing this picture to their Instagram audience is to get them to donate so that the people that only have access to the dirty water may have the opportunity to drink the clean water that we drink. Not only do they show us the unappetizing water, Neverthirst also shows us the people that are affected by it and the action the non-profit is taking to stop this water epidemic. By showing their donors the organization’s actions, people are more apt to help than by just going by their word. What I learned through this organizations social media is that one small picture can help so many people. One small picture can get people to donate which in turn can get thousands of people access to clean water. That is so inspiring. I hope that I can one day be able to support an amazing cause just by one post.


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