1.15.17 The Effects of Social Media

I use many different types of social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube,Twitter and GroupMe. I use these different types of social media for many different reasons. I use Instagram to post pictures of what I am doing in my life at any given time. I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends from everywhere and I get to see what they are doing with their lives. I use Pinterest to get ideas for my daily life and do it yourself (DIY’s). I use Snapchat to communicate with people through pictures rather than words. I do not use Twitter that much but I use it more to see what is going in the world. I use it as my news outlet. I use GroupMe to talk to huge groups of people such as my sorority or my RSP from freshman year. I mainly use Instagram, Facebook, GroupMe and Snapchat. I do not normally get on Pinterest and Twitter. I like how I can communicate with people that are far away from me. Social Media helps me stay in touch with them and I get to see their lives unfold from a distance.

I dislike how social media can inhibit our social lives. I notice on a regular basis how people are on their phones 24/7 checking social media when their friends are right in front of them. Why not talk to a physical human being rather than a cellular device? My whole life, I have never experienced a time without social media. I do not think I can answer the question, “how I think social media has changed communication for me?” I guess I could say that as I have accumulated more friends. I have been able to see more and more people change throughout their lives. My favorite tools or sites in the topic of social media are Snapchat and Instagram. I love taking pictures and adding funny captions to it. With both of these social media outlets, I can do that. My social media habits have changed immensely since when I first got Facebook in 2011. I used to hate taking pictures and now that is all I post. I also like to be more lighthearted in my posts than talking about important issues that are going on. I hope throughout this class I will be able to understand how to be more present on social media and be able to communicate effectively within the social media realm.


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